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Teaching Happens…

Teaching styles are so important. It seems to me that every person who hates math can trace it to a teacher that they say made them hate math. Every person I know who loves math can trace it to a … Continue reading

How Do I Teach A Young Adult To Step Out In Faith? Our Family’s Answer.

Reader Question: What are ways that worked that you have found to teach a 25-yr-old-ish young adult to step out in faith? Family Answer: This truly is a good question. In our family, and as Mormons, we believe strongly that sincere, … Continue reading

Are Mormon Woman Oppressed? Do Women Hold Positions Of Authority In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Our Family’s Answer.

Reader Question: A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, who happens to be Muslim, said to me, “People are always asking me whether or not I feel oppressed as a woman in Islam. And I don’t! Are Mormon women … Continue reading

Forever Clean: Asking For And Receiving Help

Growing up as a Latter-day Saint youth, I had lots of infrastructure to help me stay clean. Much of that had to do with learning to receive help from the spirit of God, learning to receive the Holy Ghost. From 9th … Continue reading

What One Can Glean from the Mud

I used to picture life as a fist fight…in the rain.  Perhaps that is because I’m currently at home with four young children (a stage in life oft referred to as “in the trenches”), I’m not sure but a muddy … Continue reading

Broken/Intact Measures Of Success

At work, I have a friend, Roseanne (names have been changed), who cleans our hallway and offices. Currently, she has some personal challenges and misses a lot of work. Patrice, a mutual friend who cleans when Roseanne is gone, is … Continue reading

Movie List For Fun And To Build Up And Inspire? Our Family’s Answer.

Reader Question: Dave, can you please provide a list of movies that your family has enjoyed over the years and used as you raised your kids? Our family would truly appreciate whatever guidance you choose to give or films you … Continue reading