A Mini Book authored by my Son

It’s dinner time.  My husband and my two middle children have just rushed out the door to make it to an Eagle Court of Honor, leaving my youngest and oldest (both boys) and me goofing at the table.  Gobbling and goofing at an end, we clear the table.  I’m feeling excited!  I don’t get much one on one time with my oldest son.  He’s nearly seven years old, a delightful age!  An age where he plays games well without a partner and where ridiculous scenarios about eight-sided light sabers are created.  An age when books come to life and the humor of a giraffe at a school looking for the bathroom door that is labeled for giraffes dissolves us into fits of giggles.  And an age when I’m still pretty cool.  Yes, I’m looking forward to this!

I pulled the one year old, still in his highchair, into the kitchen to watch as I washed dishes.  Turning the faucet on, I asked my oldest if he would wipe down the table for me.  A water fight ensued and he wiped down the table while I wiped up the kitchen!

Humming, I set to work on the dishes.

My seven year old had a seat at the art table and began a project.  The art table is set up in what is intended to be the breakfast nook of our kitchen.  However, for us, it’s an art room/cloak room.  The art table is an old flat door attached to 2×4’s.  It sports paint stains, heat marks (from canning applesauce), stickers, glue, glitter, and Play-Doh–it bears the marks of art/craft love.  I love this spot in our house.  I love seeing our kids spend hours cutting, pasting, coloring ,painting, creating, and imagining at this art table.

Chase writing

My mind wanders as I scrub, the baby babbles and drops his cheese on the floor.  Smiling,  I pick up the cheese as I respond to my son’s request to double check the spelling of ‘obey’ and then ‘disobey.’ He and the brother a year younger than him love to author and illustrate stories of all sorts!  I am used as a dictionary and thesaurus frequently.  Intrigued by his choice of words, I wait for him to explain.  He didn’t, so I went back to washing and a few minutes later he double checks the spelling of words such as, ‘lonely,’ ‘hurt,’ ‘steal,’ ‘heaven,’ and ‘everything.’  Now I’m bubbling with curiosity, and fortunately, he explains.  He is writing a mini book about the things Jesus wants us to do titled, Follow Jesus’ Doings

C book 3I was astonished!  “I wrote things like, ‘obey’, ‘help others who are lonely,’ ‘do good things,’ ‘help others who are hurt,” he explained.  My heart filled with so much love for this little boy!  We actively talk about the Savior and His role in our lives at our house.  We regularly discuss the things Christ did while on this earth and how we want to become like Him.  I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is a little bit how our Heavenly Father feels when we catch on!  When we come to Him in study and prayer and when we reach out, serve, and teach those around us.  What a blessed moment!  To see my son, developing faith and a testimony of our Savior, His Life and His Role!”

I finish the dishes, clean up the baby, and sit with him on my lap while my oldest shares with me his completed book.  The book is folded in thirds, which he unfolds slowly reading each small section to me, “Color good things.  Do good things.  Help others who are doing bad things to do good things. Jesus is good.  He made everything for us.”  Each section had a saying or a picture representing something of the Savior’s life.  Everything from Sacrament trays, to the Tomb from which Christ rose!  I watched in silent awe, as he carefully unfolded each new section and explained the picture or read it to me.  I felt so much joy.

Full bookfull back

“Children are an heritage of the Lord” Psalm 127: 3  Their faith is so quiet, so pure and so earth-shattering.

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