Meet The Authors

Gravatar-DaveDave is husband to Superwoman (Kim) and dad to six adult kids. He could talk to a rock. He loves food, he loves tossing around new ideas, and he loves getting to know people who don’t think like he does and discussing with them topics of common interest. That’s a lot of people — and a lot of topics. Shall we begin?
Gravatar-KimDave’s wife and the mother of their six children, Kim has been content to be known as a homemaker. When the youngest, Todd, went away to college, she went to work as a health aide at a local high school. She likes to sew and read and gets real satisfaction from a nicely made bed—which, fortunately, Dave does well! At church, Kim currently serves the young women in our stake, but has enjoyed working in Relief Society and Primary. Her most frightening calling? Gospel Doctrine. The best? Nursery, where she can take off her shoes, eat goldfish crackers, and hand out with celestial beings.
Gravatar-WhitWhit raised a doctor (her husband Brendan) and is at home with their four kids.  She loves talking to grown-ups and eating food she didn’t make!  She’s a history buff and her little heart flutters walking up and down aisles in antique malls.  Taking everything…most things…in good humor, Whit likes to laugh and hopes to bring a smile to your face as well as lighting up your faith!
Gravatar-ToddTodd is Dave and Kim’s son and is an active, fun-loving individual who finds himself most comfortable among friends and family. Work and school are principle in his life currently and he loves all things music.
Gravatar-KevinKevin is a full-time student and enjoys learning about a variety of
subjects. He loves to play sports, do things outdoors, play games, and
read on his down times. As long as he is with friends and/or family he
is a happy camper!
Amanda-AuthorAmanda is a wife, a mother, a violinist, a teacher, an amateur cook and a daughter of God. She loves to spend time with her family swimming, camping, taking walks and laughing together. She also loves performing on her violin, teaching music to kids,  and listening to all kinds of great music. She aspires in her spare time to become a real chef, a real pianist and an art history professor. She finds peace when reading the scriptures, going to the temple and being surrounded in natural beauty. One day she will travel the world with her husband and visit all the art museums she hasn’t seen yet.
Anna-AuthorAnna just finished her second year of teaching and absolutely LOVED it. She loves to spend time with her family, read books (especially Realistic Fiction), sing and dance, and explore the outdoors. Anna’s favorite type of music is Christmas music, and her guilty pleasures are Hot Cheetos and mini powdered donuts. 🙂
Gravatar-KyleIn many ways, Kyle is a hobbit.  He enjoys the simple things in life: good company, good food, and a good adventure every now and then (best if read about in a book).  He loves to read and exercise.  He recently received a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and hopes to be attending PA school soon.  He currently teaches a few Anatomy and Physiology labs at a university.
gravatar-brian-smallBrian is the father of two crazy boys and the cutest baby girl. He graduated from Purdue University in Pre-Med and is  finishing up his Masters at Vanderbilt University in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. He wrestled in high school and has trained on and off with Mixed Martial Arts for the past six years. He likes all contact sports and video games.
Gravatar-BrendanThree lines on Brendan are under construction. It will be a grand three lines!
Gravatar-MikeThree lines on Mike are under construction. It will be three really creative lines!
Gravatar-MikeThree lines on Lynette are under construction. It’s Lynette, so they’ll be beautiful.

Toronto Panorama

Toronto Panorama

Meet The Other Contributors
We appreciate the creative people who have made available to us the images, paintings, audios and videos we have used in our blog. We want to thank them by allowing our readers and followers to access the associated source links.

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WebCredits—List of web resources used in this blog but not explicitly credited elsewhere:

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  • Avatar for general MormonPanorama profile—

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