A God Who Knows Us, A God Who Loves Us

Some time ago, a friend and I arranged for a play date for our children.  My two older boys were going to her house to play with her son!

My boys reacting to news of a playdate

My boys reacting to news of a playdate

The morning of the play date my friend called to touch base and make sure we were still on board for my First Born to come play.  Over the course of the conversation, she didn’t mention anything about my Second Son.  Not knowing what had led her to change her mind about my Second Born I didn’t ask, in case she wasn’t feeling up for both boys coming, but my heart sank!  My poor middle son who seemed often to get shafted!  I felt so awful for him! He was so excited to have been invited!

I spent the next hour thinking of places we could go, things we could do, to make it up to my Second Born.  I just felt so sad for him! It made my heart ache.  His tender little feelings were going to be crushed!

Crushed feelings

My mental image of crushed feelings

Not too long before we needed to leave the phone rang, “ I forgot!” my friend began immediately, “Bring both boys over!”  I was so relieved, I could have cried!

As I reflected on this experience and recorded it in my journal later, I felt distinctly that that second phone call had been a ‘tender mercy’ from Heavenly Father.  He knew my grief, even small, and seemingly insignificant as it was!  I believe that Heavenly Father brought to my friend’s mind the memory of our conversation about both boys coming to play, prompting her to call me and re-invite my Second Son.

I was reminded of the Good Shepherd who knows His sheep and leaves the ninety and nine to find the lost one.  He knew my grief! He knew my sorrow! Even for something so small and seemingly insignificant BUT that was the whole point!  Our Heavenly Father loves us greatly.  As much as I was grieved for my son’s sorrow, Heavenly Father grieves for our sorrows. He desires our well-being and He desires our happiness!  No one likes to see their children in pain–big or small, physical or mental.

Since this experience I have tried to remember to reflect on the day before I go to bed and pick out these little, almost insignificant moments, when God has showed me how well He knows me and how much He loves me.  And I have been quite surprised how frequently these small events occur!

If you look through your days and seek out the evidence that Heavenly Father knows you and cares for you, you will be wonderfully surprised how much He really does!

“O Remember, Remember”-Henry B. Eyring

“The Tender Mercies of the Lord”-David A. Bednar

Heavenly Father and Jesus know me

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