My Thoughts: “Be It Unto Me According To Thy Word”

Second post in a series, “Recording My Impressions,” which I use to share my thoughts after completing the reading assignment each week in Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families.

“As you read and ponder Matthew 1 and Luke 1, record the spiritual impressions you receive. What doctrinal truths do you find? What messages will be of most value to you and your family? The study ideas in this outline may help you discover additional insights.” [Header, Lesson for Jan 7-13, 2019, “Be It unto Me according to Thy Word”.]

Journaling my impressions:

· —- ˅˅˅ —- ·

Family history and the doctrine of the family are of vital importance. Jesus descended from Ruth and Boaz and from the root of Jesse through King David through Mary and also through Joseph. (Matthew 1 records not Mary’s lineage but Joseph’s.) I’ve always loved the interaction of Elisabeth and Mary and the in utero interaction between John and Jesus. Makes me wonder whether or not any child in the womb might be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from her/his mother’s womb [see Luke 1:15]. Maybe some of those leaps and kicks are more purposeful than mere stretching for space than we care to admit! I love that Elisabeth and Zacharias prophesied after receiving a spiritual confirmation from on High. To me, it’s cool that it may have been the same Gabriel who delivered messages both to Elisabeth and to Mary. I’ve always wanted to meet him (them if two separate personages) after this life. [The Bible Dictionary (BD) entry for Gabriel says that all occurrences of Gabriel are the prophet Noah.]

· —- ˄˄˄ —- ·

More on recording my impressions. (See also this lesson’s teacher manual version.)



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