My Thoughts: We Have Come To Worship Him

Another post to share my thoughts after completing the reading assignment each week in Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families.

“Begin by reading Luke 2 and Matthew 2, and pay attention to any spiritual insights you receive. The study ideas in this outline can help you identify some of the most important and relevant principles in these chapters.” [Header, Lesson for Jan 14-20, 2019, “We Have Come to Worship Him”.]

Journaling my impressions:

· —- ˅˅˅ —- ·

I’ve always loved the words about Christ’s childhood after infancy [Luke 2:40-52]. I loved in the video, “The First Christmas Spirit“, a depiction of Christ being self-aware of His Father’s will even when quite young. The video has a brief scene [Time 1:30] with Joseph watching Jesus at about age 10, as Jesus watches a couple of tethered lambs as the owner takes one of them away, presumably to the slaughter, possibly at the temple. The 10-year-old Jesus simply stares, seemingly understanding all too well the deeper meaning of this scene as a type of things to come. Joseph approaches the 10-year-old Jesus and puts his arm around Him, as if to give Him strength for that day yet a far way off.

· —- ˄˄˄ —- ·

More on recording my impressions. (See also this lesson’s teacher manual version.)



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